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Basketball Information

Basketball Information

Safety Awareness

•1)      Be aware of the space around you at all times, know who or what is around you.

•2)      Stretch and warm up before activity begins each day.

•3)      Know what you are doing before beginning any drills or games each day.

•4)      If you have any type of condition that may affect your ability to perform any task let the teacher know.

•5)      Remember basketball is a non-contact sport.

•6)      Stop play immediately at the sound of the whistle.

•7)      Respect others playing space.

•8)      Don't be overly aggressive.

•9)      Do not kick the ball or throw the ball at the goal outside of your range.

•10)  Do not intentionally foul anyone at any time.


PE Rules for basketball

•1)      The ball should be inbounded before 5 seconds. (No other time rules will be used such as 3 seconds in the lane)

•2)      Students should play defense by keeping their body between the person they are guarding and the basket unless they are fronting someone or denying them the pass.

•3)      No fouling, pushing, shoving, grabbing, or tripping.

•4)      No moving screens or moving picks.

•5)      No double dribbling, up and down, or traveling

•6)      No changing teams or kicking someone off of your team.

•7)      Students should yell out their own calls and not call a foul for someone else.

•8)      Students should try to practice good sportsmanship and try not to make too many calls.

•9)      All team members should sit together and rotate properly through the bleachers until it is their turn to play.

•10)  All other rules should be decided upon and discussed before the game starts by the team captains. The team captains should then pass that information to the other players.


End of PE Routine.

When the whistle blows, the game is over, play should be stopped immediately, and the ball must be taken immediately to Coach (Students should not try to take the ball away from another student to try and bring it to Coach). All students will report directly to the locker room to get dressed. Student should use only the bathroom in the locker room and should not try to sneak out of the locker room or hang out in the gym.