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Standard 8 Ethics 


At Peter F. Alba were believe that every child can succeed. Alba Middle School has made Annual Yearly Progress for the past 8 years. Each year committees are formed representing each content area to review, interpret, and disaggregate data from standardized tests.  Committees identify strengths and weaknesses and share the results with the entire faculty. With faculty input, ethical decisions and goals are formulated to improve student performance on assignments and assessments for current school year.

After review of this past school year's data, Alba has identified several areas of weakness that will be addressed for the upcoming school year. In reading, applying strategies to comprehend textual/informational and functional materials is an area of concern for grade 6 and a weakness in grade 7 is relating elements and devices to each other. Another area of concern, in grade 8, is distinguishing among subcategories of poetry. Math data indicates that data analysis and probability is an area of concern across the grade levels. Additionally, 6th grade was low in solving problems involving perimeter and area of parallelograms and rectangles, 7th grade was lowest in determining the probability of a compound event, and 8th grade was low in graphing linear relationships. However; Alba has many strengths in the area of Reading and Math.  In Reading, across the grade levels, 6-8, students’ strengths are applying strategies to comprehend literary/recreational materials. In grade 6, 91% of students met proficiency with 71% scoring a Level IV. Grade 7 had no students score Level I and 92% were proficient with 66% scoring a Level IV. In grade 8, 84% of the students were proficient with no students scoring Level I. Grade levels 7 and 8 had additional strengths in recognizing the use of text elements in textual/informational and functional materials. In Math, sixth grade’s strengths include Geometry Standards, plotting coordinate on grids, graphs, and maps. 78% of all the 6th graders met or exceeded standards with no Level I’s. Grade 7 also had no Level I’s and had a proficiency rate of 71%. Strengths in this grade level include Algebra, solving one- and two-step equations. Grade 8 had a proficiency rate of 85%. An area of strength is Number and Operations Standards, simplifying expressions containing natural number exponents.

Alba Middle School funds a Retract Paraprofessional which greatly reduced the number of out of school suspensions. There were 1,003 discipline referrals in which 34% resulted in retract, greatly reducing the yearly suspension rate. It is our goal to keep students "in school".


Grade Level and Problem Solving Teams (PST) hold bimonthly meetings to discuss successful instructional strategies/behavioral strategies across subject related fields for use with students in need of additional academic or behavioral support. Student data and academic progress is used to plan intervention opportunities within the school day and Extended Day which provides extra support for non-mastered skills and objectives. During these bimonthly meetings, colleagues have the opportunity to discuss ethical beliefs about professionalism.


The lines of communication must remain open at all times for our students to reach full potential. Parents and collegues, please feel free to comment, share ideas, or ask  questions by contacting me through email: or personally at 251-824-4134.




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