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Supply List 

Language Arts Supplies:

Notebook, preferably a three-ring binder.  Also, students will have a writing journal.  If they wish, they may choose to use a composition notebook, or they may choose to have a separate section in their notebook.  Honors students will also have a reading journal section, for taking notes on their novels.

All students will also need pens, pencils, colored pencils, sticky notes, a hand-held pencil sharpener with attached shavings catcher, paper, and their textbooks.

Students need Daily Language Review Workbooks, which they pay for with school fees--these are very important tools and well worth the money.  If you have not bought these, please do so while the supply lasts!  We also use literature books in the classroom, but no homework will come from these, nor are they issued because the school system did not do a full adoption of the book. Only 40 books per teacher were bought--a class set. The language arts textbooks are quite old, also used as a class set.

Also of use might be colored pencils, markers, and highlighters, for occasional use.

Wish list:  Germ-X, tissue, paper towels, Lysol or Clorox wipes

Honors classes have to get novels each quarter, which they will read. Then they will write an analysis, which counts as part of the EQT.

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