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Alba Middle School Anti-Bullying Program
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Monday, May 21, 2012
Zero Tolerance for Bullying Picture.  Contact 824-4134 for more information.
Zero Tolerance for Bullying Picture. Contact 824-4134 for more information.

Alba has joined other schools in MCPSS to end bullying behaviors in our schools. We will be partnering with Olweus Prevention Planning to begin our new program. In order to introduce this to our students we will begin by reading a novel in our homerooms during first quarter. This novel will introduce students to bullying behaviors, students who are being bullied, and address the issue of apathy. We would like to partner with parents to help make this program a success. The following are our rules and consequences:


1. We will not bully others.

2. We will try to help students that are bullied.

3. We will try to include students that are left out.

4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.



I.                    Consequences for students who engage in physical bullying will be:

a.       Referral to the office

b.      Completion of a bullying reflection form

c.       Conference with administrator Parent/Guardian contact

II.                  Consequences for students involved in verbal bullying behaviors will be:

a.       1st offense: Teacher will contact parents of the bullied and the bullier.

b.      2nd offense: Teacher holds parent/student conference

c.       3rd offense: Office Referral

III.                Consequences for students who engage in Cyber-Bullying will be:

a.       Student will complete a Student Statement form

b.      Administrator conference will all parties involved

c.       Administrator will contact parents of all parties involved and given Bully-Blocker information

IV.                Consequences for those who engage in social bullying

a.       Teacher conference with all students involved

                                                               i.      Referral to Ms. Rodgers, Counselor

                                                             ii.      Possible referral to SWAG, Peer Mediation, or SIT

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