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  Class Schedule  

AMS Bell Schedule 2016-17

Take in                                 7:25

Homeroom                           7:30-7:40

First Period                          7:44-8:34

Second Period                      8:38-9:28

Third Period                         9:32-10:22

Fourth Period                       10:26- 11:16

Fifth Period                          11:20-12:32

            First Lunch               11:22-11:42

            Second Lunch           11:47-12:07

            Third Lunch              12:12-12:32

Sixth Period                         12:36-1:26

Seventh Period                    1:30-2:21

“No Early Dismissals After 2:00 PM”  

 Visitors and guests must register in the office and obtain a visitor's pass when they enter.  It is usually best to call ahead for an appointment with the administrator, teacher or counselor with whom you want to meet.

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